How we work
A landscape of our collaboration culture.

Initial research

Understanding your individual needs is our top priority. Before we launch a project together, we would love to have a video call with you to discuss your business goals, visions, and objectives. We want to understand your concept from multiple standpoints, pool our collective insights, and brainstorm cutting-edge solutions.


By now you might be thinking: “How can I know if your team is the best match for building my product?” The good news is, you don't need to guess. Nor do you need take a leap of faith into the unknown. You can check out our capabilities risk-free, thanks to our refund policy and Test Drive offer.


A “sprint” is an essential iterative part of our ongoing cooperation process. Every sprint lasts for two weeks and concludes with a stable release of the software that includes newly developed features. This rapid-fire iterative process means that you get responsive feedback with each new feature, which saves time and money over the lifespan of the project.


Completing tasks from the backlog isn't the only thing needed to steer the project in the right direction. Each team is led by a senior developer who stays on top of things. He selects the tech stack, architecture, and manages the schedule to make sure the team is building your product in a value-oriented manner.

Feedback loop

Your involvement is mandatory. During each and every sprint, we will communicate with you on Slack,, or your preferred communication channel to make sure that we are always on the same page. We strive to eliminate any and all ambiguities as they emerge, so you are welcome (and encouraged!) to reach out to us at any time during the process.


You can review time logs, the backlog board, and the code repository at any time. We bill for hours worked based on a clear time-and-materials contract. We love to keep things transparent and dead simple, and we think you will too.